Sister Act

Writer Vivienne Tang | August 18, 2015

Staples at Paris and New York Fashion Week, the Courtin-Clarins twins, Prisca and Jenna, as well as their cousins Virginie and Claire, have quickly become fashion’s It girls. Based in Paris and blessed with a glowing complexion and dressed to perfection, the four women are the granddaughters of Jacques Courtin- Clarins, who founded Clarins in 1954.

The women don’t mind the hoo-ha of being the talk of the town and constantly in the limelight. In fact, they all embrace this opportunity of being an ambassador of the brand.

“It is not a problem for us,” says Jenna. “We love to take care of our appearance and to dress up nicely and so on…but at the same time being natural. Staying natural is really important to us and our cousins. This buzz around us has been quite unexpected. We have a normal life and it is weird to be recognised in New York City’s streets.”

Her twin sister Prisca chimes in: “We see it as an advantage. We are very lucky to have this beautiful company and to have such a good relationship with our family. We share the same passion, which is beauty.”

The women have been surrounded by beauty their entire lives, and live and breathe the Clarins lifestyle. Empty one of their bags, and you’d find a full Clarins make-up and cosmetic range that accompanies them wherever their busy schedules take them (Prisca’s favourites are Double Serum for the face and Tonic Body Oil for the body, while Jenna’s staples are Shaping Facial Lift and Body Lift).

Today, the company is run by their uncle, Christian Courtin-Clarins (Chairman and father of Claire and Virginie) and their father, Olivier Courtin-Clarins. Their grandfather, who was not only a beauty veteran but a pioneer, was an idol for all the women with his rags-to-riches story, and he made sure to pass his entrepreneurial spirit and vast beauty knowledge on to them.

“My grandfather taught us that the best way to apply a product is to rub the product on your hands to warm it up,” says Prisca. “You never rub the product onto your face. You tap and apply pressure from the inside to the outside of your face. The tapping and pressure helps to activate the blood circulation and helps with firming and contouring your face more effectively as well. He also taught us to apply tonic oil after a cold shower and to never stretch your skin while you apply your day cream. Always put an SPF, even in cities, to protect your skin from the UV. And always apply your body cream from the ankle to the heart.”

Being beautiful heiresses to the Clarins skincare empire is one thing, but showing the world that you have the brains to head up the company one day is another.


I wanted to make my mistakes elsewhere before getting into the family business”
~ Prisca Courtin-Clarins