Fragrant Escape

Writer Gloria Fung | May 18, 2015

Brought together by a love of travelling, John and Clara Molloy met on a chairlift up a ski run where the air is thin and the adrenaline is pumping. The two’s passion for exploring the world meant they had plenty in common and it not only tied them together as a couple, but also inspired a brand, Memo, that could very well be their travel log.

John Molloy explains the concept behind the brand, which is closely linked to how each of the 21 perfumes is formulated.

“Memo is a travel company,” he says. “Everything we do is inspired by our shared love for travel. From the suitcase displays we use to showcase our scents to the inspiration behind each of the fragrance, they’re all linked to our travel experiences.”

The duo’s wish is to imprint their experiences onto those who wear the scent. Categorised into four collections, Crystal, Leather, Seed and Extraordinary, Memo’s scents are each named after a place that’s made an impression on the two. From Inlé Lake in Burma to the winding roads of the Italian countryside, each scent captures a destination in a moment in time.

We want to interpret travel in different ways...But now we want to inspire with perfume; when someone puts on perfume in the morning, they can travel a few minutes and escape
~ John Molloy