Patrick Zeigler

Writer Véronique Lo | October 26, 2015

It was quiet inside the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza when Patrick Zeigler came out of his hiding place above the chamber, where he had been peacefully meditating during the day. He had come to the pyramid with the intent to spend the night. As night fell, he made his way to the sarcophagus and lay down inside.

Shortly after he’d begun to meditate again, thumping sounds broke the silence. “[I] felt a strong presence coming up the grand gallery,” Zeigler recalls. “It was like footsteps, eventually this sound entered into the King’s Chamber.” He decided to stay put in the sarcophagus, but soon came to the conclusion that whatever was making that noise, it was no human. A wave of fear washed over him: “At one point I felt I was going to die,” he says, “and then I just let go as if I was dying. At that moment, I realised the sound was my heart and I had an initiation of light and sound. This was the start of an amazing journey.”

Born in the USA, Zeigler has had a curiosity for everything spiritual since a very young age. “My very first book purchase was a book on ESP [extrasensory perception],” he says. “Then as a teen, I read as much as I could about self-hypnosis and meditation.” Later, he became an architect and continued to study sacred geometry, which was what led him to Egypt more than 25 years ago.

That night in the pyramid, back in 1979, he remembers, was the first time he was connected to the ancient energy of Sekhem (also known as Seichim and SKHM), which means ‘power of powers’ in Egyptian. Describing it as a kind of whirling energy with a figure eight pattern that moved around in circles and eventually descended into his heart, Zeigler says he felt a warmth and the fear transformed into the feeling of love that filled his whole being.

“This was a great inspiration for me,” he says about the discovery of Sekhem. “After the initiation, I felt a strong vibration in my body and eventually learnt how to easily pass this vibration to others…It brought me on the path I am on today.” He went on to study with some Egyptian Sufis in Egypt and Sudan, before travelling to Yemen, Nepal and back to the USA where he was enrolled in the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts.

Today, Zeigler is qualified in therapeutic massage, meditation, yoga, reiki and advanced energy healing. He also devotes much of his time to teaching his worldwide classes on Sekhem, called All-Love. “The class is fully experiential and touches all levels of your being,” explains the spiritual healer. “[Sekhem is] love, pure love. It does have many manifestations and each person has their own experience with Sekhem. One key aspect is the heart opening initiation…You feel connected to the universe.”

“Each session is very unique, specific to your personal needs,” he adds. “The energy works on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. During the class, we have a focus on each of these levels. The energy seems to know exactly what to do and where to go.” According to the healer, most participants experience an “intense heart opening” that is likened to “an orgasm of the heart”.

A seasoned traveller, Zeigler continues to tour the world with his family to teach All-Love. “My plans are to allow the universe to unfold for me, to allow the energy to grow and evolve and to continue to teach it,” he reveals when asked about his future plans. “Our retreats are our next focus. We have many in Brazil and New Zealand.”

He continues, “I love what I do. Most important to me is to witness the change of so many lives. To be part of so many deep, profound healings and spiritual awakenings is one of the greatest gifts.”

The energy works on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spirtiual
~ Patrick Zeigler