Moises Mehl

Writer Disha Daswaney | December 21, 2015

Next time you’re in the mood for a delicious healthy meal made with thoughful ingredients, visit one of the various Nood Food outlets located around Hong Kong Island – the latest branch in Lincoln House, for example, is a grab-and-go gem. Regardless of your diet, there is a range of choices to accommodate different lifestyles. “We keep sustainability at the heart of food as much as possible by ensuring our ingredients and packaging are organic and recyclable,” explains Chef Moises Mehl, commonly known as Chef Moy.

Chef Moy has always been in an environment where wellness and healthy being are of primary importance. He reminiscences, “My grandma and my aunt planted the seeds of passion for yoga and a healthy lifestyle that embraced vegetarianism and healthy eating.” He then became a qualified yoga teacher and travelled from Mexico City to South India before settling in Hong Kong. His knowledgeable teachings and vast qualifications from around the world have helped him create a platform for ‘mindful eating’. “We need to learn to be mindful about our food and actions because once we reach the tipping point with our health, there is no going back,” he says.

Chef Moy’s love of cooking was first inspired by his grandmother’s cookbooks. It continued to grow as he listened to a podcast ‘Vegan Freak’ by Bob Torres, which enabled him to make the transition from vegetarian to vegan. He remembers, “When I settled in Hong Kong, I continued with my passion for food, but it was very difficult to find many vegetarian places, so I started to make my own food.” After perfecting his culinary skills at 105 Degrees Academy (one of the world’s first vegan culinary schools) and studying nutrition at the Tree of Life Center, Arizona, he realised, “I became more aware of the impact our food makes on our body and the environment. I have successfully dismissed any myths about a plant-based diet because it is possible to have a balanced diet and stay healthy, while obtaining the right nutritional value.”

Before becoming the designated Raw Food Chef at Nood Food, Chef Moy started a private catering business and passed on his raw food knowledge to his clients. Now he is able to spread his well-acclaimed knowledge on a larger scale by preparing and pioneering dishes at Nood Food. Although, at times it is “culturally challenging because raw food may be seen as too cooling for the body. Raw food can be heated up slightly using a dehydrator or by making soups,” he explains. “We need education and also passion for this lifestyle in order for it to suit you.”

The beauty of Nood Food lies in its diversity – there is a mix of appealing raw vegan options and scrumptious cooked dishes, some even with meat. The extensive menu changes on a daily basis, leaving everyone guessing. “We are constantly exploring different cuisines and flavours. Our aim is to shift them into a healthier version, while keeping a balanced combination of nutritional choices for people to enjoy every day.” Chef Moy continues, “All of our smoothies are also carefully put together. They contain superfoods, which are foods packed with extraordinary nutritional benefits at a smaller mass.”

When the seasons change and it is time to detox, Nood Food offers an array of juice cleanses to choose from – all developed by Chef Moy. “Nowadays, there are so many toxins in our environment, which accumulate over time and our bodies are not equipped to handle this unbalanced pH level – it accelerates ageing and promotes degenerative diseases”, he reports. The juice cleanses are the perfect solution to release the toxins and balance your mind and body.

As for himself, Chef Moy tells us, “I have found another passion in my life – urban gardening. It is something that I started just last year. Growing your own food is amazing for you and the environment. It is a fun way to trade produce with your neighbours, but more importantly, we can support organic agriculture.”

We need to learn to be mindful about our food and acts because once we reach the tipping point with our health, there is no going back
~ Moises Mehl