Throughout the region there are numerous health experts, spa gurus, wellbeing writers and personalities that stand out from the rest. Found in every single corner of Asia, they span the region’s countries, and have a circle of expertise that spreads for and wide. Our judges come from more than ten countries, including Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, India, Australia and also include some Asia experts living in the UK.

We have absolute trust in the expertise of our judges, who are picked for their independent opinions, and wide ranging experience to opinions, and wide ranging experience.

Confidentiality is the key in this process as the awards are a benchmark for the region’s spa industry. From this elite group, in complete confidence, they firstly suggest their nominations for each category and then vote for their single choice.

The voting process is supervised by a law firm in Hong Kong to ensure the authenticity of the votes.

2012 AsiaSpa Awards Judges List

Andrew Jacka – President, Thai Spa Association 

Bernard Burt – Author, Spectacular Spas & Founding director of the International Spa Association

Caroline Eden – Lifestyle Journalist

Chami Jotisalikorn – Author and writer, Thailand

Chantel Shafie – Health and beauty journalist, Beauty Buzz

Datin Ramona Suleiman – President, AMSPA 

Donna Duggan – Wellbeing Writer

Ed Peters – Journalist

Georgia Fell-Smith – Spa Alliance

Grant Thatcher – Editor Luxe City Guides

Jacqueline Le Suer – Owner, Creative Health & Training

Jomar Fleras – President, Philwell

Karen Goudge – President, Australasian Spa Association

Kate O’Brien – Journalist and author, HK

Kelly England – Health and beauty journalist, HK

Luca Tettoni – Photographer, Singapore

Mary Darling – Director of Distant Harbor Company

Melinda Yon – Managing Director, 360 Spa Solutions

Najwa Green – Spa Services and Products Int.

Pete Wong – Photojournalist, Malaysia

Rachael Oakes-Ash – Journalist, Australia

Rebecca Walker – Founder, The Wellness Nomad

Samantha Foster – President, ASPCW

Susie Ellis – Presidnt, Spa Finder

Vivienne Tang – Editor-in-Chief, AsiaSpa

Parineeta Sethi – Chief Editor and Publisher, AsiaSpa India

Catharine Nicol – Editor-at-Large, AsiaSpa