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Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit Through Yoga

While balance may seem like such an elusive ideal, it’s not impossible, especially when you can find even ten minutes in your day to stretch, breathe and get quiet. Read on to learn more about how mind-body practices such as yoga, pilates and Tai Chi affect our nervous system, our emotions, our minds and our bodies and through a regular practice allow us to raise our vibrations to a new level of consciousness so we can thrive and achieve a new level of health and wellness.

Balancing Hormones

Exercise, diet, hormones – life is a fine balancing act. Hormonal imbalances are a common occurrence amongst women of virtually every age. They are poignant markers of some of every woman’s greatest transitions – from childhood to puberty, pregnancy, childbirth, perimenopause, menopause and beyond. Through all of this, it is the imbalances induced by hormonal fluctuations during the menopause years that can incur the deepest pain and anguish, both physically and emotionally.