Monthly Archives: November 2012

An Education in Eco-Commitment

Reaffirming its passion for sustainability, award-winning boutique resort, The Sarojin, introduces its new range of luxuriously eco-friendly packages, designed to educate guests about environmental protection and to support the local communities. Allowing visitors to witness the beauty of Thai nature whilst providing information on easy-to-implement earth-conscious innovations, the aim is to inspire its guests into encouraging eco-friendly practises post-retreat. A project called the Khao Lak Community Fund is also in place at this five-star Phuket hotel, which helps to restore buildings, provide medical assistance and aid in replanting and regenerating after the 2004 tsunami. As a result of these projects, The Sarojin, known for its exceptional service and spiritual elegance, has won a variety of well-deserved accolades from the Thailand Green Awards.

Embracing Ayurveda

Exhausted doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel when I arrive in Sri Lanka and stumble, half-asleep, into the Barberyn Resort reception at 2am. I’ve flown from Hong Kong after what has been one of the most intense months of my life. The quick summary is this: After an action-packed eight years in the Fragrant Harbour I’ve decided to exit the urban rat-race, resign from my job and walk away from a life that had pushed me as close to burnout as I’ve ever felt. Subsequently, I’ve spent the past month packing, making my way down an endless to-do list, and saying goodbyes. My emotions are raw, my body feels toxic, and my spirit is in dire need of some healing and replenishment.

Standing in your own power

We hear the word ‘power’ used often, but what exactly does it mean? Social psychologists, political scientists, and philosophers all have ideas and countless theories about power, as it relates to the external world, and in reality this power is not so difficult to comprehend. However, when we consider the power we feel within ourselves, it becomes clear that this feeling of power is much harder to understand and embrace.

Martial Arts

The practice of martial arts is thought to be over 2,000 years old, originating in the world’s oldest civilisations. Europe has produced gladiators, fencers and Greek wrestlers whilst the East has seen samurais and Shaolin Kung Fu warriors. The term “martial” is derived from the Latin martialis (Mars being the Roman god of war), hence the connotation with fighting. But it’s not all about violent battle. Since the days of yore, many martial arts styles have preached the importance of self-confidence, inner power and a mysterious vital energy known as “chi” in the Far East, “prana” in India, and the “spirit” in the Western world. Upon harnessing this mysterious chi, martial artists are able to perform seemingly impossible feats, such as breaking solid blocks of wood, ice or stone with their bare hands or executing the famous One Inch Punch, which shot Bruce Lee to fame in 1964.

One-On-One with Lillian Too

Considered the world’s most renowned Feng Shui expert, Maylasia based Lillian Too has sold millions of books on the subject (80 best sellers), which were translated into more than 30 different languages.

Mighty Men

When the Abercrombie & Fitch models visited Hong Kong to promote a new store a few months ago, it caused quite a stir. Advertising ploy or not, men were confronted with their own beauty ideals. Many of us want perfect six-pack abs, sculpted arms and shaped shoulders. It is a reminder of how much the male body image has changed over the past couple of decades.


Is it really possible that a topically applied product can eliminate wrinkles? For many years the answer was a resounding ‘no’, but as cutting-edge science meets beauty, some highly promising studies on particular ingredients are showing serious results in stimulating collagen and regenerating ageing skin. This said, it seems only a very limited number of active ingredients and delivery systems are powerful enough to address these concerns from deep within the skin. What this research is telling us however is that, if your daily skin regime doesn’t include some of these core actives, it will have little effect other than cleaning and moisturising the skin and undoubtedly smelling gorgeous.

Eastman Embraces Sustainability

Already a forerunner as a promoter of organic products, the Spa Eastman Health & Wellness Retreat in Montreal has put in place a variety of eco-friendly interventions to help reduce their negative impact on the environment. From the use of ecocert make-up brand Couleur Caramel to an organic vegetable garden and the serving of biodynamic wines, Spa Eastman is ever keen to reduce its carbon footprint. The implementation of its 3RV programme, in which ‘reduction, reinvestment, recycling and validation’ is the focus, has led to the saving of thousands of kWh of electricity and tens of thousands of litres of water, as well as recycling 95.7% of its waste.

Oranje Goes Green

Only the second hotel in the Netherlands to receive this acclamation, the Hotel Oranje has recently been awarded the Green Globe certification for its efforts in sustainability. As well as LED lighting and plans to implement water reduction in their state-of-the-art spa’s wave pool, this hotel, located in the Noordwijk aan Zee area, also has in place a unique ‘heat/cold storage system’ to save energy and reduce its carbon emissions. Managing to get its employees involved too, a Green Team comprised of select members of staff, who are passionate about sustainability make it their focus to keep the hotel as energy-efficient as possible.

Heritance: Protect, Preserve, Provide

Sit in the heart of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, in close range of five UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Heritance Kandalama hotel and Six Senses Spa represent a new era in green philosophy. As well as the provision of fresh water and electricity for over 600 local families, they are also involved with a conservation project to protect their unique natural and cultural surroundings. Recently awarded the EarthCheck Silver certification for the reduction of their carbon footprint in terms of energy, transport and resource management, the Kandalama has been acclaimed as one of the most eco-friendly hotels in the world.