Monthly Archives: January 2013

Brightening Algotherm

The BB Marine Cream from Algotherm is from the brand’s new Algoblanc CX+ range, and its active ingredients include the new Algoblanc CX+ complex, vitamin C, vitamin E and cherry blossoms, which brighten and protect, as they provide long-lasting hydration and a smooth and natural coverage.

High Light

The High Light Solution from Visoanska reduces the visible signs of pigmentation imperfections and trains the skin to prevent further formation of superficial flaws. The essence contains a sophisticated blend of botanical stem cell algae and diacetyl boldine, which targets brown spots directly without whitening the surrounding area, thus ensuring an even complexion.

Magic Masque

Gradually rid your skin of toxins and impurities with the Instinctual Clay Masque for face and body from SpaRitual. A smooth blend of red kaolin clay, Indonesian organic ginger root and lemongrass draws out grime, calms, tightens and revitalises the skin. Apply a thin layer to your face, leave on for three minutes (no more!) and rinse off for a natural radiance.

Supple Shine

Launched in late 2012 at the Spa at Four Seasons in Hong Kong, Ling is a complete skincare line formulated without irritants such as oils, artificial fragrances and lanolin. Its principal value of exfoliation and consistent hydration prevents skin problems before they arise, resulting in clearer and more beautiful skin.

Osiao Oasis

A line specifically conceptualised, designed and created for Asian women, Osiao (developed under Estée Lauder) unlocks the secret to ageless beauty. The Osiao Inner Radiance Concentrate, from the Osiao Illuminating Regimen is a dense, yet refreshing serum. It deeply penetrates the skin’s layers and distributes effortlessly to regenerate and hydrate the skin.

A Hideaway for the Senses

Hong Kong’s luxury day spa operator Sense of Touch recently opened the doors to its new Tseung Kwan O property. Designed as a destination spa and located on the veranda of the Crown Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East, the new spa is tucked away neatly, offering a hidden sanctuary amidst the urban jungle with seven Balinese style pavilions and a spacious patio – where one can enjoy afternoon tea – facing the pedicure lounge. The decor is an eclectic mix of modern luxury and Eastern influences.


Serums are the new stars of skincare – promising unprecedented firmness, radiance, wrinkle resistance and much more. Serums contain highly concentrated ingredients chemically formulated into much smaller molecules that are absorbed more quickly and deeply into the skin, giving a more intensive effect. While traditionally water-based and packed with more active ingredients than face creams, newer variants declaring even better results are coming to the market fast. With so many gloriously smelling bottles on the market today, what is it that makes these unguents so sought- after and adored?

Asia’s Top 10 Culinary Spa Journeys

As an increasing number of spa-goers become aware of how important wholefoods are in their wellness agenda and the slow food movement of farm-to-table ethic swells, spa resorts are responding by offering an ever increasing number of culinary-based retreats, coupled with pampering spa experiences. With a wealth of cultural heritage to draw upon, Asian resorts need not look further than their own backyard to create indigenous and local foodie experiences for their guests. Whether it be an on-site cooking school, a bespoke dining experience in an awe-inspiring setting or a detoxifying cleanse, locally raised and indigenous ingredients are amply used to both nourish the body and the spirit.

Dragon’s Den

Rodial’s Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel protects the skin in an undetectable skin-like film, which also reduces redness, plumps, defines and tones the skin’s elasticity for a smoother and younger appearance. No mythical animals were harmed in the making of this product.

Around The Clock

The Wei Beauty 24 -Hour Herbal Anti-Ageing System works round the clock, even as you sleep, to provide intensive anti-ageing results. In the day, the Gentian Daytime Complexion Perfector brightens your look, while the Lobelia Overnight Wrinkle Reducer deminishes the appearance of fine lines during your beauty sleep.