Monthly Archives: January 2013

Clean, Green and Deliciously Sweet

Who knew freshwater conservation can lead to tasty, organic honey? Marriott International’s Nobility of Nature initiative supports freshwater conservation and assists rural communities with setting up sustainable business in China. The programme is behind two organic bee-farming coops in Sichuan, providing grants, training and resources. To further support the initiative, the hotel has purchased 5.7 tonnes of the sweet stuff from the farmers. And for the first time, Marriott will be serving and selling the deliciously sweet and pesticides–free nectar at its Hong Kong properties, including JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel, The Ritz– Carlton, Hong Kong, Courtyard Hong Kong and Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel. Proceeds will be put back into the programme to further assist rural small business owners.

Environmentally Friendly Neighbour

Ramada Resort Khao Lak has become a major driver behind the conservation of the Phang Nga coastline, building a sense of community among locals and tourists along the way. With one of the most beautiful and stunning Thai coastlines in its backyard, Ramada Resort Khao Lak is leading its neighbours in conservation and clean- up efforts that will preserve the natural beauty of the region. The resort will not only ensure that historical sites like temples will be preserved and restored, but it will also protect endangered marine turtles, mangroves, trees and vegetation, so tourists and locals alike will be able to enjoy them for generations more. Guests are invited to contribute to the community outreach programme by donating to support local sports teams, schools and clean up initiatives.

Make Like A Maharaja At The Imperial, New Delhi

With its modern delivery of old-style class and luxuries aplenty wrapped in colonial elegance, The Imperial is hands down Delhi’s best looking hotel. On arrival, another world opens up, one of atmosphere, soft elegance and the halcyon days of the Raj. This is a hotel for those who demand more than luxury and frills. The Imperial has history and legacy – two things that money cannot buy – and it revels in it.

Ana Forrest

Ana Forrest is sitting on a bolster about an hour after putting a workshop through its paces, and she is reflecting on the journey her life has taken, through the traumas of abuse and addiction, and on to the position she finds herself in now as one of the world’s most respected yoga teachers.

Wayan Partha

It isn’t a vital ingredient of life, but love does make life a lot sweeter. Unfortunately, with the daily stress and challenges that come with making a living and surviving in our modern world, many of us are distracted from embracing love in our lifestyles. What the Panca Mahabhuta sessions available at Fivelements strive for is to achieve a balance of self with the universe. This balance restores peace and calm as the healer shifts and adjusts energy fields throughout the body, which leaves behind a deep sense of love and connectivity with the world.

Finding Inner Strength at Samadhi Retreat

Sometimes the opportunity to make significant changes in your life comes at the most inconvenient times, and that’s how it felt when the chance to do a five-day wellness retreat with Samadhi in Victoria, Australia, came my way. With things hectic at both home and at work, and a husband and three-year-old to consider, I wondered how I could possibly afford to go. Yet something inside me – call it instinct or intuition – told me to grab the opportunity. Which is how I found myself enjoying a slice of holistic heaven, and learning how to respond differently to life’s challenges.

An Olfactory Love Affair

Mathilde Laurent is not a nose, but an olfactive creator. As in-house perfumer with Cartier she differentiates thus: “Describing myself as a nose implies that you just work with the nose, but I work with the brain too. I call it creation.”

Getting Away With Jason Wu

Taiwanese fashion designer Jason Wu is lending his talents to yet another collaboration. This time he joins forces with the equally stylish St Regis Hotels and Resorts. Wu’s collection features The Grand Tourista bag, a leather trimmed tote that aims to be timeless and elegant. Embossed with the designer’s and the hotel’s logos, the bag will keep jet- setting fashionistas looking sharp
and stylish.

Eyes Wide Shut

There are those of us who can sleep through pretty much anything on a flight, from crying babies to fidgeting neighbours. But for those of us who are not so lucky, this Bottega Veneta eye mask might be of help. And even if you don’t manage to get some much needed in-flight snooze time, the ultra-soft nappa leather mask will keep that chatty fellow flyer at bay.