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Great Escapes

You wouldn’t want to take your kids on a getaway swarming with singles and swingers, nor would you want to take your partner on a romantic trip surrounded by screaming rug rats, right? In today’s modern, and yes, crazy-busy world, we need to schedule multiple escapes to address different aspects and stages of our lives.

Moisture Mist

Hydro-Aid Moisturizing Lifting Mist from Sulwhasoo is a convenient spray packed with purslane for instant moisture and Adhesive Rehmannia for quick relieve and comfort. A blend of natural herbs with aromatherapy properties soothes and relaxes the skin and heart in the face of a foreign climate.

Triple Threat

The Previous Hydra Serum Triple Action from Beauty by Clinica Ivo Pitanguy supplies intense moisture with its high-technology formula, three-fold moisturising action and powerful active ingredients. Working in three phases, the product stops dehydration, supplies moisture and prolongs hydration.

Toxin Protection

Lavish attention on your body with the Fresh Detoxifying Gel from Terraké. The smooth body lotion is infused with Buddleia from the Alps, thyme, which protects against toxins, Centella asiatica to promote the cleansing of metabolic waste and Fujian White Tea, an antioxidant that drains away toxins.

Two In One

Cut down on prep time when you’re meant to be out exploring with BB Cream Age Defence SPF15 from Skeyndor. This dual-purpose anti-ageing moisturiser and light-coverage cream evens skin tone and softens imperfections while offering sun-protection. This paraben-free product also provides active anti-oxidant, anti-wrinkle and remineralising ingredients.

Aromatic Aftercare

Phyto-Aromatic Mist from Pevonia contains a calming blend of calendula, chamomile and French rose, which delivers a refreshing and balancing dose of moisture suitable for even sunburnt skin. The mist also contains hyaluronic acid to retain moisture and aloe vera to replenish, heal and hydrate.

Sun Shield

Diminish the appearance of wrinkles and prevent fine lines with Extreme Anti-Wrinkle Care SPF 30 Sunscreen from Orlane. This product’s powerful sun-protection ingredients stimulate epidermal repair, prevent wrinkles, shield against UVA/UVB and are anti-ageing.

Hanging Out

AntiGravity Yoga is currently taking the world by storm. Even Madonna has chosen the aerial yoga style as part of her Hard Candy Fitness chain, and Pink’s acrobatic show in an AntiGravity hammock, suspended in mid-air and swirling above her fans, has gone down in history as one of the most daring performances.
Brainchild of Christopher Harrison, whose company has been providing choreography and stunts for the likes of Rihanna and Gwen Stefani, the special hammock was originally designed for theatrical purposes but soon became part of Harrison’s AntiGravity Yoga regime, which took flight in his studio in New York City and has now reached far-flung places all over the world, including Hong Kong.

A Busy Bee’s Bliss Out

In a hectic city like Hong Kong, it’s easy to lose your cool. Reclaim your composure and look your best with a quick pampering fix at Bliss Spa at the W Hong Kong. Launched earlier this year, Pour Les Garcons (“for the boys”) is a package designed to ease the neck and shoulder aches, heavy head and overall fatigue of the urban frantic fellow. From Monday to Thursday, get 10 per cent off your Pour Les Garcons package of Back Neck Shoulder Massage, Scalp Massage, and Rodial Freeze Express Facial to smooth away the tension and fine lines, and gain complimentary access to the gym and pool.

Pearl Radiance

The Blanc de Perle Refreshing Hydrating Cream from Guerlain is a luxurious, lightweight cream offering the brand’s signature pearlescent radiance and intense moisture that visibly lessens pigmentation and imperfections. The product’s PEARL Complex formula contains active ingredients targeting multiple layers of the epidermis to reduce melanin and replenish moisture.