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Sisters Are Doing it for Themselves

I’m based in Bali, one of the world’s most magical surfing destinations and renowned yoga centres, yet I haven’t really seriously pursued either activity. I’m also guilty of not fully appreciating this tropical paradise island, with scant time to kick back and really feel the sand between my toes. Bali hosts numerous surf camps, but the Surf Goddess Retreat is consistently recognised as one of the world’s premier surf and yoga experiences and Bali’s leading (and first) all-women surf retreat.

Cut-throat Wet Shaves

Who can forget that scene from the Bond film Skyfall when actress Naomie Harris holds a cut-throat razor to Daniel Craig’s face and gives him a wet shave? “I like to do some things the old fashioned way,” says 007. Bond is not alone. Traditional wet shaving is back in vogue.

The Healing Effects of Water

Water has been revered since the dawn of time and is considered the lifeblood of our planet, making up approximately 75 per cent of the earth’s surface. We ourselves are a beautiful reflection of this, as we too are mostly comprised of water. At birth, our body is 90 per cent water and remains at about 70 per cent during adulthood, and drops to about 50 per cent in the final stages of life. The knowledge water holds is the key to understanding ourselves and the universe, believes Dr Masaru Emoto, a renowed water researcher from Japan.

Health Through Water

The spa industry continues to grow at unprecedented numbers globally, especially in Asia, where many destination spas are located in pristine and stunningly beautiful locations. Nature and particularly water, are the leading attractions in drawing guests from their stressful urban enclaves, offering peace of mind and restoration of body.

Floating Luxury

The ultimate in tropical luxury, overwater villas are all about privacy at its most indulgent and Mother Nature at her most spectacular. Live to the rhythms of the sun and the sea, snorkelling, sunbathing and snoozing throughout the day, then lounging on the decking, champagne in hand, watching the sun set to the sound of gently lapping waves and the cries of seabirds. Without another soul in sight, the blues, turquoises and greens exude a total calm, effortlessly undoing the ravages of city life. Feel the balance of life right itself again.

Spa-ing Sydneysider Style

Whether you’re on a quick stopover in Sydney or staying longer to enjoy some of the finest beaches in the world such as Bondi, Coogee or Manly, a spa treatment is in order if you want to look and feel good after all that travelling. Find here eight of Sydney’s best and most conveniently located spas to help beat the jetlag and look absolutely ravishing when hitting the famed sand and surf.

Sleep Retreats

An increasing amount of research over the past couple of years indicates that a large number of people are having serious issues with getting to sleep, and insomnia, it is said, is becoming rampant. Are our diets to blame? Is it technology? The economy? Whatever the reason, Hong Kong – a city that never sleeps – has as many as 2.2 million inhabitants who can’t do it, while anywhere between 10-30 per cent of Singaporeans appear to be struggling with it too. In the West, the problem is magnified: 51 per cent of people in the UK are now said to be lying awake at night, in addition to 48 per cent of Americans.

City of Angels

Looking good and Los Angeles almost go hand-in-hand. The city is a temple to vanity, wide swathes of its populace having to be beautiful because their jobs require it. Home to Hollywood and some of the most famous and celebrated people in the world, there is no shortage of places to be beautified, indulged, massaged, primped and preened. From the plush and pricey spas of prestigious hotels in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, to smaller medi-spas that combine the relaxation function of a traditional spa with doctor-led treatments for acne and hair removal in the city’s suburbs, to the affordably-priced spas lining the streets of Koreatown in downtown Los Angeles, there is usually a spa of some sort just a short drive away. The city is also known for engendering major trends in the spa realm, from making niche offerings like Ayurveda hip and cool, to promoting things like massages using gemstones and colour therapy. Below are some of the best places in the city from which to emerge looking like an A-lister.

Lisa Christoffersen

Reach out into a crowd in a busy business district anywhere in the world, and chances are you’ll touch someone who is suffering from irritatingly persistent back pains, neck soreness or high stress. What if reaching out with a touch can also heal those ailments? At Gaia Retreat & Spa in Australia, that is possible through craniosacral therapy.

Andrew Gibson

With more than 25 years of spa experience under his belt, Andrew Gibson is a true pioneer and a leader in his field. Now group director of spa at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, as well as chairman and founding member of the Global Spa and Wellness Summit, Gibson has been influencing and shaping the industry through his amazing vision and his branding know-how for many years, which saw his expertise and help in establishing spa concepts and facilities for Six Senses and Raison d’Etre.