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Garden Getaway

Garden Getaway
The Four Seasons Hotel Beijing now offers pampering and relaxation with the addition of The Spa. The Spa combines traditional ingredients and techniques with modern technology to deliver effective treatments and massages. Various customised treatments are designed by renowned authority on traditional Chinese medicine, Dr Lan Jirui. French skincare brand Biologique Recherche is used to ensure a luxurious experience. These treatments are designed to stimulate and sculpt cells and muscles. The Spa connects to the hotel’s Tea Garden, where the eleven treatment rooms are rich with Chinese design elements. The steam shower, sauna, sunlit pool and whirlpool complete the pampering sessions.

La Prairie’s Ageless Beauty

Stars and socialites gather at sky100 to experience first hand La Prairie’s latest anti-ageing weapon, the Cellular Power Serum. The new serum joins the existing Cellular Power family, which already includes Infusion and Charge, to form a defense system trio of anti-ageing. Besides beauty tips from model Mandy Lieu, guests were also treated to a variety of canapés prepared by Ritz- Carlton Executive Chef Peter Find using beauty-boosting superfoods, such as salmon and red grapes.

Toru Ogasawara

Toru Ogasawara’s journey into the world of wellness isn’t a typical tale. Beginning his career as human resources manager for a hotel management company, he lived a hectic corporate life in Tokyo until an unexpected swim with wild dolphins on the tropical island of Hawaii changed his outlook on life. “I was swimming in the ocean and encountered some dolphins. In that moment my heart opened like never before,” he recalls. “I sensed I was ‘home’.”

Holistic Healing

Restore your body’s balance with a Thai Holistic Massage, with techniques passed down through the generations, at Phothalai Wellness & Longevity. Experience “Absolute Inner Tranquility” and unburden yourself of worries and stress with a treatment that responds to the needs of your body. A combination of deep tissue and acupressure Thai massage, yoga positioning and stretching empowers both mind and body, stimulates circulation, improves energy flow, relieves tension and eases muscle soreness.

Designer Skincare

Armani Men is a line of skincare products from the Giorgio Armani Laboratories, created and adapted for men and broken down into the essentials, with results delivered with a balance of comfort and luxury. This non-sticky and non- greasy formula absorbs quickly to address signs of ageing. The Volcanic Complex, a blend of active volcanic minerals, with rodiola extract, a
sacred plant found at heights of 4,500 metres in the
Himalayas, fights against fatigue and hypoxia while brightening skin
tone. Armani Men is uncomplicated, effective and perfectly incorporable into the life of a busy, modern gentleman.

Take On the World

One must always remember from whence they came. My Land by Trussardi is a new men’s fragrance that pays homage to the profound bond with one’s roots and the sense of belonging so many of us crave. Elegant yet masculine, the scent strides through a timeless blend of bergamot and green mandarin in the top notes, before exploring a refined combination of lavender, violet and calone in the heart notes. Finally, in the base notes, cashmeran, vetiver and tonka bean swirl around leather. Vibrant, unique and intense, My Land is for the man whose past prepares him to take on the future.

Vanessa Main

In our fast-paced global society, everyone wants instantaneous results. Just maybe though, slow and steady can still win the race if you embrace the challenges along the way. For Vanessa Main, director of spa development and operations across Asia Pacific for Hilton Worldwide, it has been her hard work, foresight and a good dose of humour that has accompanied her journey from the bottom up. Even across the phone, Main comes across as affable but grounded, as someone who gives old-school work ethics a modern twist; the former to drive her performance and the latter to make her stand out.

How To Do Your Bit Towards Water Conservation

The average person in the developed world uses 150 litres of water a day. Read that again and try to visualise that volume of liquid. Quite staggering, isn’t it? And if you multiply that by the number of people in the world, the number of days in a year, and so on and so forth, it becomes all the more apparent why it is important for each and every one of us to do all we can to help protect the most precious resource of all.
“We can all do our bit to save water at home – from turning off the tap while brushing our teeth to switching to a more efficient shower head,” says Friends of the Earth campaigner Julian Kirby. “But we also need to consider the millions of gallons of water companies around the world use daily to make the things we buy – from food to clothes to smartphones. With increasing pressure on our planet’s limited supplies of freshwater, water-hungry companies must take responsibility for how they use water to ensure we’re not left high and dry.”

Radiance Rich

Skin not wanting for moisture is skin that glows with inner vitality. Rich with shea butter, the Intense Moisturizing Serum from Phytocéane, suitable for all skin types, deeply nourishes skin to rebuild its hydrolipidic film. Incorporate it into your daily skincare regime, or use it as an intensive one-month treatment for hydration-deprived skin.

Vivifying Vitamin

Maintaining well-hydrated skin staves off signs of ageing and environmental damage. Prep your skin for a long-lasting youthful appearance with Vitaminic Concentrate from Pevonia, which is quickly absorbed, has anti-oxidant properties, and contains mandarin orange essential oil, vitamin A and E and squalane.