Monthly Archives: June 2013

Digital Detox

Laptop, check. iPad, check. Mobile, check. This seems to be a routine for most of us, even on holiday. To imagine a day without any ‘smart’ devices is almost unthinkable. But that’s precisely what a rising number of holiday-goers are opting for; a complete detox from all things digital.

Mountain Magic

The beautiful mountainous Lijiang is home to some of China’s remaining indigenous crafts and cultures; but with tourism steadily on the rise and travellers eager to experience the city, much of the natural beauty and heritage could easily be overshadowed by touristy commercialisation. However, a bit of research and a few pointers from welcoming locals will allow you to experience the natural and rustic charms of this Yunnan plateau.

A Transformational Journey at Esalen

The highway toward Route 101 out of Los Angeles was flooded with cars and I drove at a glacial pace, yet instead of feeling frustrated, I was smiling. In fact, I had been smiling ever since I got into my car an hour ago, gleeful at being alone.

World’s Best Sustainable Resorts

The idea that luxury and sustainability can happily coexist is now fully ingrained into the hospitality psyche. Of course that doesn’t mean that it is happening enough yet, but luckily there are increasing numbers of pioneers, who are pushing the boundaries of environmental and community harmony for a sustainable future. “The best sustainability programmes mean nothing without the passion and vision of owners and managers,” says Stewart Moore, CEO of EC3, a company that helps certify those making a difference. “We are proud to work with industry leaders who are prepared to make a difference to the world, and we learn more from our clients than we could ever teach them. Our clients don’t take the easy pathways, they accept that responsibility for the environment starts with their own business plans.”

Musical Massage Magic

The Sukhumvit 31 branch is designed as a day spa, with a space that is simple but stylish, offering a genuine sense of escape with large trees and manicured gardens. Just beyond the greenery lie several thoughtfully spaced-out spa suites with al fresco bathrooms. The decor is unfussy with a touch of Thai influence.

Emergency Hydrotherapy

Dehydration through negligence is the biggest crime you can commit in skincare. Moisture deprivation can cause premature ageing, dullness and even acne. In a pinch, look for products to quickly reverse the effects of drying out and be more hydration-vigilant to maintain an even and gorgeous complexion.

The Waterhouse at South Bund, Shanghai

One of the most original boutique hotels in Shanghai, The Waterhouse at South Bund brings travellers a contemporary lodging experience in one of China’s most vibrant cities. Like the city itself, the hotel mixes the charm of old Shanghai with a fascinating take on modern aesthetics…

Squeaky Clean

Marriott International becomes an official hotel partner of Clean the World, a non-profit initiative that collects, recycles and distributes discarded soaps and hygiene amenities to rural and needy communities around the world. While the hotel chain has been working with the organisation since 2009, this partnership sees further commitment from Marriott to help the battle against preventable diseases around the world. Donating over one million bars of soap to 65 countries from the United States alone, Marriott plans to extend their involvement by including donations from its properties around the world.

A Taste for Adventure

China is no stranger to adventure sports. In recent years, thrill-seekers have converged on the Middle Kingdom to scale remote peaks, explore the depths of its limestone caves and raft the untamed rivers of the Tibetan Plateau. Today, a growing network of operators has made it possible for both visitors and residents alike to pursue their love of the great outdoors.