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Endémico, Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

Valle de Guadalupe, Baja is neither Mexico nor its neighbouring San Diego. A region better known as el otro México (the other Mexico), it is closely located to some of California’s best wineries, and it is a big part of an old fishing town. It is this unique, sandy region that is home to the Endémico. Its unconventional take on sustainable lodging is evident throughout its 20 luxurious cabins, which blend into the hilly landscape. These eco-friendly cabins are built off the ground to ensure the structures put minimal impact on the land. Steel and wood are the building blocks of these lodges, which are chosen for their corrosive personality, allowing them to give distinctive identities that will, over time, blend in with the rusty hues of the land. Propped along the hills, these pods, which are all built and furnished by local workers, feature sleek and contemporary furnishing, each with its own private terrace and clay kiva. Enjoy the rustic outdoors with a drink at the Pool Bar or the Lobby & Winery, where the theme is to bring the outdoors inside through large floor-to-ceiling glass doors.

The healing Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine

China’s ancient philosophy of health, Traditional Chinese Medicine has numerous modalities that help create a healthy lifestyle of balance and well-being. AsiaSpa talks to five TCM doctors, who all provide consultations at various spas in China about some of TCM’s key modalities and how they benefit the spa-goer.

China’s Top 10 Weekend Getaways

There is more to China than the Great Wall and the Xi’an terracotta warriors. Depending on the time of year and which part of China you are in, there is always something unique to experience – from ancient cities, scenic rice terraces and verdant grasslands to snow- capped mountains, magical lakes and time-forgotten ethnic minorities. Our seasoned China traveller, Pete Wong, points the way to some of the best weekend getaways in China to escape from the daily grind of city life.

Reduce, Reuse and Revamp

An 18th century historic manor turned trendy abode, the Design & Wine Hotel is an oasis for art lovers. In the heart of Caminha, Portugal, the hotel’s remodelled architecture and interior are designed with its natural surroundings in mind. Amidst mountains and rivers are the manor and a newly built, five-suite guesthouse that run on solar power. The centrepiece of the property is the guesthouse, an 18-ton structure that rotates 35 degrees, giving guests an ever-changing angle of the outdoors. Each of the 28 sleekly designed rooms in the revamped manor is accented with a custom mix of pop art and bold graphics, offering a different experience with each stay. All rooms are fitted with energy-conserving automatic lighting systems, and the hotel follows a strict recycling policy.

Sounding The Horn

Sean Lee-Davies ventures out on safari in the world-famous Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa, to visit rhinos in their natural habitat and under siege.

Rest and Relaxation in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) or Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh to give it its full title, is a busy and hectic city. It is Vietnam’s biggest urban centre, and it is the focal point for commerce, although not its administrative capital – that responsibility lies with Hanoi. Divided into 24 districts, the cityscape is one of French empire, Soviet-style buildings and Asian pagodas. The region has developed at breakneck speed over the years and now offers all the trappings of a modern Asian city – there are plenty of fine restaurants, big hotels, nightlife and stores promoting luxury brands.