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Sweet Blossom

French home fragrance brand Acantha offers another beautiful way to scent your space with the new Peony Collection, that diffuses aromatic essential oils through a solar flower bouquet. The peonies get their smell from fragrances such as Chinoiserie Peony, Le Macaron Rouge and Paris d’Amour, housed in glass bottles reminiscent of vintage French medicine flasks.

Fantastic Five

In celebration of their fifth anniversary, Bliss Spa at the lavish W Hong Kong invites guests to experience their five new deluxe spa packages, available for AsiaSpa readers until the end of October 2013. Choose from spa cuisine treats like the Starlight, which features a healthy yet delicious lunch, plus a 60-minute full body massage and 30-minute body scrub, or opt for the Starbright, which replaces the massage with a rejuvenating facial. For fitness lovers, the Startrack package includes a personal training or private yoga session plus a dip in the city’s highest outdoor pool, while the Starslim body-toning treatment offers dry brushing, firming essential oils, a body mask on cellulite-prone areas and a heated body wrap. Last but not least, the Starhand aims to perfect hands and nails with treats including the shellac manicure, oxygen blast, fruit acid peel and antioxidant vitamin massage. Decisions, decisions…

Precious Complexion

Be it stopping the signs of ageing in their tracks, reversing the traces of time across our faces or simply maintaining a beautiful, glowing complexion, we don’t have to fight these skincare battles alone. When it comes to finding the right skincare concoctions, many of us are willing to spend the extra dollars. Here are some of our top picks for luxurious formulas loaded with unique and precious active ingredients.

Refined Retreat

For the businessman always running from meeting to meeting, it’s time to escape to the Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok, situated alongside the calm banks of the Chao Phraya River. Across the waters in a majestic colonial-style teak house, awaits The Oriental Spa, beckoning guests with a scenic two-minute boat ride. Once you’ve arrived, indulge in the newly launched Gentleman Essentials spa menu and experience ‘Freedom’, a treatment that offers three hours of sheer bliss for the overworked man. The treatment begins with a full-body exfoliation that leaves skin silky smooth, before moving onto a deep massage that specialises on areas of tension. After nourishing tired skin with a hydrating facial, the liberating experience is completed by a gratifying scalp massage.


With a scientific understanding of the human skin, MBR creates a highly effective series of skincare aimed to heighten, lengthen and even mimic the effects of aesthetic surgery.

World’s Top 10 Unique Hotel Services

Almost anything is possible when it comes to special requests at top luxury hotels and resorts, where the concierges and butlers will do just about anything you can imagine to please and pamper. So creative with their helping hand, they’re there to fullfill pretty much any request. Here are a few luxury experiences you might not even know to ask for when staying at some of the world’s most indulgent destinations.


With its lagoon islands, bridges and canals, Venice is Europe’s floating city, a unique space steeped in history and art. Founded in the fifth century, it is also a majestic museum-city and for time immemorial, tourists, traders, celebrities, writers and painters have flocked to its waterways and grand hotels. So much so in fact, that during peak season, visitors can outnumber the local population.


The sky was getting lighter, and the first touch of pink was showing near the horizon as I cycled up to Pyathada Paya temple. I propped my bike up on its stand, shucked off my flip flops and walked barefoot across the dusty ground into the cool of the red brick temple. Greeted by a maroon-clothed standing Buddha with that enigmatic expression, I turned along one of the inner corridors, Lara Croft style, around a few dark corners and past a seated Buddha before I finally found the almost hidden steps. I climbed up the dark, narrow staircase and out onto the first level of a roof, then up and up again. At the top there was only a small group of friendly Myanmar tourists in the company of two monks. I almost had this huge space with views over Bagan to myself. And what a view. Utterly surreal, the fields, trees and villages below were sprinkled with hundreds of stupas and pagodas, whitewashed and red brick, large and small, in clusters and majestically solo. Looking north, a light mist hung over domes and turrets framed by the mountains beyond, while to the east the almost full moon was still showing. I sat on the low wall at the edge and waited for nature to illuminate this extraordinary and sacred landscape.


Luxury, like beauty, is very much in the eye of the beholder, and nowhere more so than in the arena of luxurious spa treatments. From a holistic approach and organic ingredients to innovative techniques, spas today craft their treatments according to their take on luxury.

Holidaying the Luxe Way

When we think of a luxury hotel, we think of a sublime sanctuary where one can indulge in the rich comforts of pure unadulterated bliss. A vacation where the sky is the limit with adventure or a dip in the infinity pool is all that’s required to elevate your senses.