Monthly Archives: March 2015

Boys and Girls

Skincare isn’t just for women – men can also benefit from the right products


Salzburg is quintessentially Austrian. The city overflows with baroque architecture, fresh air, and the lasting legacy of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, all with a beautiful mountain backdrop. This is a place of gentle strolls, cake, coffee and classical music – a fantastic city for a long weekend

An Olfactory Whisper

Hermès takes us on a scented journey through its maison

Balinese Beauty

There’s nothing like a bit of traditional Balinese healing to relax the body and the mind; The Spa at The Chedi Club Jimbaran is all about applying ancient Balinese know-how to soothe the aches and pains of the modern traveller

Chik Lai Ping, YTL Hotels

YTL Hotels’ Chik Lai Ping revives the dying art of local Malay healing traditions

Mejekawi by Ku De Ta, Bali

The latest addition to popular resort Ku De Ta, Mejekawi is a tasting kitchen that cooks creative dishes using local produce

QT Sydney, Australia

Travelling is a great way for children to broaden their horizons and learn about the world beyond toys and storybooks

Le Negresco, Nice

Planning your next sunny getaway is a great way to beat the winter blues, and if Phuket and Bali are just among your typical weekend getaways, why not catch the Mediterranean sunshine for a change

The Ties that Bind

Today, it’s so easy to take our friends for granted. We’re working, we’re on the go, we’re busy – and so is everyone else. It feels like it’s a lot harder to put the kind of time into friendships than it used to be, but what are we losing out on as a result?

Wellness Wonderland

Koh Samui has long been a hub for detox, wellness and spiritual seekers, drawing people in these fields from around the world who have made this island their home. This idyllic island in the Gulf of Thailand is a magnet for wellness practitioners, teachers and students alike