Monthly Archives: January 2016

Grand Designs

To discover Berlin is to discover a city with aesthetic appeal

Urban Wellness: Miami Style

Heading to Miami for some soul, sunshine and me-time? Digital detox is one of the hottest wellness trends right now and we need opportunities to recharge.

Exercise and the Digital Age

In the workout world, are you what you wear? Read on to find out if fitness fashion really sculpts your muscles

Cutting Edge

From Princess Diana to Michelle Yeoh, Kim Robinson has styled the world’s most beautiful women. The Hong Kong celebrity hairstylist reveals his finer things in life

Beam Me Up!

If the words ‘shockwave puncture’ and ‘carboxy injections’ get you excited, we’ll assume you are already au fait with the newest in-demand high-tech spa treatments. If not, read on and discover exactly what the buzz is about

Silence is Golden

We all dream of peace and quiet after a long day’s work, but 10 days of absolute silence? You must be ready to face your deepest, darkest thoughts

Tech Cleanse

Prefer to tweet and text than talk, lose all sense of time when online, get distracted thinking about technology and suffer from smartphone separation anxiety? If so, you could be a tech over-user, abuser or tech-a-holic!