Monthly Archives: February 2016

AsiaSpa 13th Anniversary Photo Competition

To celebrate 13 years of luxury travel, beautiful spas and all things wellness in the region and beyond, AsiaSpa has a very special prize for one lucky reader

Nigel Franklyn

The Spa Whisperer Nigel Franklyn shares his thoughts on holistic wellness and the spa world

The New Well-Being

From pamper to spiritual wellness, the industry is showing its spiritual side

Natural Glow

Glimmer that’s good for you – why mineral make-up outshines the rest

Action Packed

Tone your body and mind with a curated week at Ninja Camp by Chōsen across the globe – six days of adventure and fitness complete with gourmet nutrition and luxury accommodation

Key to Expression

Face reading provides a deeper level of insight

The Pacific Rim’s Hidden Gem

Rainforest and rough seas, surfing and storms – Vancouver Island is a rugged and wonderful destination for adventure or relaxation

Bavaria Calling

More than just blue skies and clear lakes, Bavaria’s warm hospitality is another reason to visit