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Top 10 Ayurvedic Retreats

Ayurvedic retreats are the new superheroes of the wellness world, delivering a healing combination of dosha-specific meals and therapies, yoga, meditation and treatments to rebalance energy levels and rediscover internal stillness

Antidote to City Living

The Wellness Rejuvenation Retreat Programme at Fivelements Hong Kong proves wellness shortcuts exist, better yet with long-term benefits

Where the Mind Goes, the Body Follows

Long revered for its spiritual and mental benefits, mindfulness now takes sports performance to the next level

Mindfulness Amped

Often perceived as a source of distraction, technology also has the capacity to enhance self-awareness

Insight of Vipassana

Mindfulness meditation may just be the antidote to the pressure of masculinity

Oman Obsession

Explore the land of frankincense and rosewater

On the Eastern Edge

Make a stay at Tanjong Jara Resort your own