Monthly Archives: March 2018

Worth the Summit

From former royal hunting lodges to situated riverside amidst jungle, Nepalese spas are diverse delights

The Pass of the Oaks

Paso Robles is a popular destination for everyone from wine lovers to betrothed couples

All About That Base

First time on a healthy holiday? Fusion Maia Phu Quoc starts you in the shallow end of the wellness pool

On the Hunt for Hemp

Eating couldn’t be more conscious if you are consuming hemp – as long as you can get your hands on it

Testing Testing

Whether it is a New Year’s resolution or fit for summer, our health is regularly under the spotlight, but what does it mean to be healthy and what is the best way to stay in shape?

Sweet Dreams Bangkok!

137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok’s wellness programme sends you to dreamland in the city that usually never sleeps