Monthly Archives: September 2019


Michael Schummert on why G-beauty is the next big thing

Desperately Seeking Shut-Eye

Stephanie Shiu gets to the root of her bedtime woes at Kamalya’s Sleep Enhancement programme in Koh Samui

24 Hours in Coastal East Bali

With its majestic mountains, cultural sites and stunning coastline, breathtaking scenery is at every turn. Make time to see a differnt side of Bali

High Flyers

Private jet travel gains wider appeal with journeys becoming increasingly bespoke, offbeat and adventurous

Skin Alive

Skincare retreats in picturesque locales leave you looking better than simply well-rested

Nature’s Nutraceutical

Cannabis derivative CBD is said to offer a litany of wellness benefits without a ‘high.’ Now, it’s making headway into the culinary world.

The Call of Adventure

The ‘motivation molecule’ neurotransmitter fuels both the motivation to do a task and the satisfaction of achieving it. Exercise, enough sleep and meditation can increase our levels of dopamine and a craving for the next adventure.

Sense of Place

Ishigaki is delightfully a place on pause. Not quite the land that time forgot, but a land that remains rightfully rapturous of its cultural identity.